Nightly blurb number N

N= coz i can't remember how many nightly blurbs have i done so far..

Anyways.. Here it is!

* late again for work.. What's new.. Good thing its not my schedule in the system so i won't be flagged for being late {always}

* got so pissed off by this useless manager! He's a fuckin ass! Like i asked for help coz we dunno how to help a customer and he was like.. Umm why can't u do it.. I was like, umm coz i got lotsa things to do and ur just fucking walking around like a douche bag! Assholeeee ughs!

* me is over thinking too much.. For the reason that i was not able to finish my work and that feeling sucks! Esp if ur manager would even ask you to stay just to finish it but still ended up short of what's expected of you. I can't elaborate it more coz i am just too down to do it...

* but i had a nice time working with shameeza.. :) even took some pics while we're placing those signages.. Hehe fun stuff!

* oh did i mention how annoyed i am wit my touch keyboard right now. Superrrr

Lemme add more tomorrow coz while typing this, i am literally closing my eyes and to think its just almost 1am.. What the hell is wrong with my sleep pattern.. I am supposed to know how to sleep late coz i've been doing that since forever. :p

Anyways here yah go.. I know lotsa swearings so this blog is actually not for kiddos.. :p

Nytie west side of the world...

deah =)


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