Nightly Blurbs v.3

let's get straight to the point coz i am a little bit sleepy now 

mood: listening to tunes of KINGS OF LEON =) one of my favourite bands evahh! 

- today i had a closing shift at work! first time since our store started to operate 7am-11pm and i am not that happy with it, as if i have a choice =( well, i am one of the majority who's not fond of being at work til wee time. funny coz a lot of people who usually works in the evening shifts asked me why i am working on a closing shift. lol! even them are not used to seeing me there that late. hehehe... oh well, its not my call at all... hope i can convince my manager to let me have my sunday off or have a morning shift instead.. i have church at 8pm.. *crosses my fingers*
- i know i am super repetitive by asking this question:


.... believe me, or why is there a lot of stupid shoppers in walmart?! i am not saying that ALL are stupid.. but there's is a a lot of them! dammit! if you're looking for a freaking baby stroller, why would you be hanging out on pets section?!!??! or before you bother someone, why just look around and check if the thing that you're looking for is not beyond a snake bite's reach!?!? is it too hard? man! ok... i can go on with all my issues with customers so i should stop now.. so whoever reads this, please! if you don't wanna be bitched on by people who works in wherever place you wanna shop, try to do your part first before giving them trouble.. by that I only meant... USE YOUR FUCKING FIVE SENSES! or lemme say SIX! the other one being your COMMON SENSE! its not hard at all.. believe me,.,,

- saw this ginger snaps back movie and though i was actually entertained on most parts of the movie, but the ending is such a downfall. Suddenly, the main issue of the movie became the TOGETHER FOREVER motto that goes with family ties. All the while I thought its all about the conflict between the workers of this trading thing vs. the human werewolves. booo! the lead girl is soo pretty by the way and the Native guy was yummy! he's.. gorggg! lol! the movie was worth to watch because of the guy. heheheh... 

wtf is this song playing on my ipod and why the fuck do i have it in my playlist!! NEXT! 

- hope i can do a decent job tomorrow while working with tita MJ in the upc office. its going to be my first office work! goodluck to me! 


i guess that's it for now coz i am uber sleepy now plus i have to be up in 3 1/2 hrs for work. or maybe make it 4. i think i can be a little bit late coz i closed tonight.. wha-evahh.. 

goodnightyyyy and thanks for reading my rants for the day 

=) deah 

by the way, i just discovered that the photobucket app for iphone works really really good! i love how easy it is to upload photos directly from my phone. I uploaded 500 pics today in my new account but i haven't checked them out yet on their website.. maybe tomorrow..

and i might go back to the arms of gold's gym! depends on what will happen later this day.. wishing for good news! 

and i am seriously stopping now.......

leaving you this image from my BFF ryan and his ummm... dorkness.. he posted this in instagram and i guess he could only think of one person when he saw this. lol! check the convo

=) deah


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