Today's Full of New Discoveries!!!

Today, is full of surprises... first of was the outcome of the Apple Event. They launched the brand new IPAD MINI and the fourth generation IPAD plus innovated their MAC computers. 

Photo credits to GIZMODO

since i already had my share of apple products (ipod classic, iphone 3gs, iphone 5, ipad 2) i am not thrilled with their mobile devices. But for MACs, its a completely different story! i absolutely want to have that super skinny IMAC or that MAC mini! weeee seriously cool! instead of me buying a new CPU to replace that shitty and broken one that i had (i love it but it made me so depressed when it became broken because of a pesky electricity shortage ages ago..) that my bro can't possible fix, i might just get the mac mini =) this absolutely means more overtimes! but ugggghhhs! i just remembered i got lots of things to save my money for.. that last thing completely destroyed my happy thought. I just wasted that little pixie dust that supposedly would make me fly happily to that shopaholic world *boooooooo*

Anyhowssss, at work, while working with my manager today, i discovered lotsa things too but too private to tell here.. regarding something about my previous manager, how the wm works before and now.. the major major differences when it comes to how they handle their people.. etc. Its heartbreaking that though i would love to move up to another level in that company but, hearing these things can seriously make you think twice if this is the right path that i should take or not. But for now, I still want to learn more... i owe my manager a lot of things coz if not for him, i won't be able to learn everything that I am knowing right now and i know he's leading me to the right direction though he'll really make you work your ass off.. like seriously! hahaha! if ever you can see this, you know its true kuya! lol! but i am not taking it against you.. labs yah!!! hehehehehehe 

When it comes to my day's achievement, I was able to finish some mods that can be deducted to my whole pile of mods to do *thank God!* though everyday, another thing would add up. At last! i was able to take a snap of the list of department numbers in our store. Its the thing I am seriously struggling on. Now i can know the name of the department just in case those managers would ask me to go to that department number. hehe! i can now label them in my brain instead of them being just some rubbish numbers that needs to be decoded......... ummm

oh and hello 1 gig of data usage!! ground-breaking achievement in almost 4 years of me having that 6 gig of data plan! yay! when i saw this as i was checking my data usage, i can't believe my eyes! lol! I can now proudly say that my $30 bucks every month is worth it! lol! yeah yeah... whatever! i am still glad for this... 
proof!!!! and yes, i seriously need to scap this badly:

see that! yeah man! hahahahahahah!!! 4.8gb to go *saying it as if its that small of a capacity*

and yesterday is a no-post day for me coz as soon as i reached home by 6:30pm, just did some posting in instagram and after that i am dead-asleep up until 4 am today (oct. 23) like i literally sleep straight 9 hours expect.. oh i went up to turn off my lights at 12:30am but that's it.. went straight to sleep again as if i just slept walk towards my light switch.. and went back to my tralaland.. but here's a glimpse of my outfit of the day yesterday which i had successfully snapped and also a glimpse of fall in my neighbourhood =) 

Pea coat, purple scarf, boots = FALL FASHION

original, unfiltered image of the instagram post
that i did yesterday.. i think the original looks
better than the one with filter *imo*

taken on my way home today.. looked really nice
but i pity whoever is tasked to sweep all these.. 

Oh and after a hundred years of waiting for this, it finally arrived in the mail! my set is now complete! i also have a pair of earrings with this design.. love it! thanks to whoever that ebay seller who sells this. i love it!!!! so chic.. BLACK GOLD BLACK WHITE! UST!! *damn i miss being a UST tiger =( *

have a happy day later guys and thanks for reading my novel-like post for tonight.. =) didn't expect to blabber this much though. heheh! 

drop me a line.. i would really appreciate it =) 

♥ deah

=) deah


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