Blogger Photo Albums.. What to use???

i am planning to embed or add a page here in blog that will serve as my online photo album. Honestly, right now.. if twitter got that option, facebook would be an obsolete thing to me coz i am not a fan of it now.. i just use it now to greet friends on their birthdays, post photos that my friends would request me to *if you don't know.. i am a queen of overdue pics, aside from being a procrastinator queen.. i think it is kinda related in a way lol* 

... so right now i am on the HUNT for good platform for blog albums.. something easy.. i don't want to manually add html codes for every picture that i want to post coz if that's my plan, i could have done that ages ago.. I love to take pictures and this can serve as a warning.. you won't see just one or two pics on those albums. hehheheh... anywhooooo that's what's gonna keep me preoccupied this morning. I am planning to watch twilight saga: breaking dawn tonight with either only myself or with mom just to make her feel better after yesterday's tampo much session. ughhs! believe me, that's the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone! never get your mom angry.. omg! worst feeling i've had for freeking ages! good thing we're in good terms again. 

... hopefully the "album" thingy would be up and running today... i would seriously try my best not to procrastinate on this project. 

good day to y'all and its fucking FRIDAY!!!! woot woot!!! #TGIF! 

follow fridays: follow me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM or TUMBLR! hehehe... *nice segway* 

its actually nice that instagram can now be viewable on web... i don't have to go to a third-party service just to do this! wootieeee


=) deah


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