Busy Much?!

I need a break from all the posting that I am doing in my other blog. I am torn with loving what i am seeing vs. hating how it will make my tight budget burst. In a way, scavenging sale events has its setbacks for now I am so tempted to check out those sites and if i can't help it, might go and grab my newly activated credit card and make a purchase.. NO NO!! i can't! waaa.. its making me crazy..

so i just bummed all day. i didn't even go out of the house. well, i do have a good reason for it. me and my mom were actually planning to stop by winners this afternoon but as if the weather was telling me something, it started pouring snow again. hail the snow! tnx for saving me from all those pretty temptations. its actually good in a way coz i was able to work on my blog and hopefully i can find the time to keep on doing it tomorrow.. and keep on and on.. jia you to me!! aja!! 

i made a bunch of accounts today just for the sake of that new blog.. a linkshare account, commission junction, subscribed to mailing lists, twitter,,, etc. hopefully all these efforts will bear fruits soon although i should keep in mind that my main purpose for this blog is for self entertainment.. that's the primary and the rest is secondary.

thanks for visiting this blog or visiting again if i am that lucky.. drop me a line if you want just to let me know you exist, i would greatly appreciate that. 

if you are interested to know what i've been up to, here's the link to my new blog: 

thankiesss! see you on my next post =) 

=) deah


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