A Day Full of BooBoos!

I am currently watching this drama series "MIRABELLE" from a local station in the Philippines. I actually liked the story of that series coz it is all about being able to accept who you are but at the same time, since the protag is still human so being human, she still wants to be normal for the sake of the acceptance. The good thing is she still continues life and she still fights for herself. You go MIRA! heheehe

SO back to me narrating stuff that happened today, this day was really interesting. All the while I thought I am closing for work today. I heard my phone ringing but since I am still sleepy because I slept so late the day before, I ignored the calls not even looking who the hell is calling. Sooo I was woken up by a voice message coming from outside my room. Then I decided to look at my phone and saw like 3 missed calls from work, 2 voice messages.. opened one of them and it was my manager calling to know what happened to me since I am still not at work and I am supposed to start at 10pm! umm it was already 11:10am! my goodness... I suddenly went to shower and zoom zoom to work! and yes, my mishaps didn't stop there. The weather was soo bad today..  

oops.. its the legal wife playing.. brb! =p

dangg! i hate that theme song! it makes me effin cry!

ok.. cf! =p

so yeah.. so i was welcomed by heavy rain and strong winds when I went out of the house.. and yes I did bring my umbrella.. soo it was ok.. like my umbrella was able to survive for a bit although it was being battered badly by the strong winds.. but it gave up the moment I took off from the bus. Thanks to my leather jacket, I am a bit saved from being wet because of the rain. 

Then my mishaps again didn't stop there! when i started work, I dropped everything that I had hold on.. ughhs! 

Too much, I just want to go home and relax and end this day... 

oops! TLW again..
... adrian! you fucking listen to your mom! LISTEN!!!!!
*i am affected much..*

thank God for this day because I was able to survive it given all things that happened. What I learned today is, whatever mishaps this world will give you, if you know how to be positive and smile.. you can get through it.. for sure! =) be positive!  

anyways... I decided to post things that happened today so I have something to look at tomorrow and tell myself, if i survived today, anything is possible. Tomorrow's a new day.. live life! 

Good day to everyone and I am happy.. tomorrow I have an interview and I am hopeful but not expecting.. if this is for me then God will for sure give it to me. I trust him. He would direct me to a good path in life. 

That's it.. lets be happy! =)

=) deah


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