Journey to Togetherness STARTS!

Today, I was able to mail my sponsorship for my husband!! at last! after hundred thousand years of procrastinating! ughs! hate myself.. I've been doing a lot of things lately, like watching tv, eating, sleeping, being lazy,... so profound right!!! I know, I am bad but now, I was able to start this journey!!!! yeyyyyy

So what's up with me these days aside from the profound things that I did mention above??? I made a blog just minutes ago, coz i want to have a blog where I could talk about my interests in fashion, makeup, and of course.. shopping! I feel like if I have that blog, I can post more stuff since I am a slave for those things so I, for sure, got a lot of stuff to tell about these things. 

I also have this addiction with The Legal Wife drama series from back home in the Philippines. I am soooooo happy to have TFC subscription in our cable service! Although I haven't experienced being betrayed by my hubby *please!!!!! no no no and no.. I don't think I'll survive that kind of heartache* but that drama showed me the hurt that a person who was betrayed have gone through. A lot of people can relate to it because these kind of things happen in real life unfortunately... I seriously texted my hubby and told him to never betray me! or else.. he'll regret it! and yes, that was me warning him with a SERIOUS FACE!!! 

Glad to be back blogging. Please deah, post more ok!!! POST MORE!!!!! 

if you want to check out my new blog, the link is

Have a great day everyone! 

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=) deah


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