Nightly Blurbs v.5

Its been a while again since I posted in my blog(s i actually posted 3 updates today.. yep! i am rollin') I can't think (again) of a title so might as well just do my ever reliable title.. jangjangjangjang!!!

my nightly blurbs!!!

and I took the time to browse through my posts to know how many of this have i posted before and.. yes! this is my 5th version of my nightly blurbs.. my randomness and result of my boredom.

lemme begin by,,

  • Yes.. I didn't get the position that I applied for. It was ok.. I guess, as I said on my last post, God gave me a sign for me to go to the next step. I am not closing my doors to the possibilities that my current company can give me but in a way, I want to experience new things as well. God has a better plan for me, that I don't doubt. Hoping for the best. He'll bring me to the right path for sure ;p
  • For the friggin longest time, at last! I was able to hang out with 2 of my bestfriends! last saturday, I saw camille after... i guess 7 months! omg. i just counted and it was really 7 months! wowww! we went to our friend's place to hangout and also, were able to watch that stupid gayweather fight (uhuh! pacman forever baby! lol) so funny how the whole house rejoiced when we all thought mayweather lost! hahhaha! well, it was cut short when we all realized we were all wrong. Its not everyday that a whole bunch of people in one room all got something wrong at the same time. hahah! you can imagine the gayweather hatred in that room for sure! I just did not like the fact that we didn't go home early.. So i missed the planned breakfast at Ikea the next day huhu.. but apart from that, I enjoyed hanging out with my closest friends here in Tdot.. its been a while =) 
  • Last monday, we went to visit my bff ever and saw her two bundles of joy! omg! i miss erika so much and enrico was sooo big now! i can't believe he could grow that fast in 4 months time!!! we went to the mall to just hang out and ate some congee which is so missing in my life.. and waa! panicked for we saw this store that sells cheap chucks and sports apparels! Thank God I don't have that much resources or I might've bought the whole friken store! Thank you Beechoo and Susie for introducing me to that store! for sure the hubby will be so happy to go to that store and buy him some chucks =) 
  • Today is such a friggin annoying shift.. annoying but ok-ish since its not that busy.. annoying coz i feel like its such a waste to go to work for only 4 hours.. and most of all, starting at 6 pm? really... everyone is trying to get home while I am trying to be at work.. sighss! *patience is a virtue.. I am a very positive person (tells that to myself repeatedly)*
  • I posted a review of my holygrail products, some h&m event sale on thursday, and coupon codes for ELF and michaels. I am soooo productive today here in blogger.. what has gotten into me?? hehehe.. 
  • lastly, I WANNA GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES ASAP! i miss my hubby soooooooo much!

that's it for my blurbs. oh another thing, I just wanna reach out to every annoying customer who loves to shop at retails stores! first, it doesn't mean that if we're on the other side of the counter, we're dumb. SERIOUSLY! we aren't! we went through job hunting process, applied using internet.. we went through the whole interview process.. and got our jobs because we worked for it. So don't think small towards retail people. Next, if you purchase an item, it means you don't own that money anymore.. don't go to cs desk saying that that's your money coz technically, if we talk about the main thought of barter, it means you already gave something to get that thing that you want. so anything you give for something in return makes it NOT YOURS ANYMORE!!! seriously.. you make me freeegin sick! I just hate how lenient retailers here in the west side of the world. try to go to your homeland and do the same thing.. goodluck on that! don't go telling me that you are not an immigrant for I studied canadian history and yes... every single person in Canada emigrated from somewhere else.. third, i hate when you tell customers that this item is not available when in the first place, they were the ones who's asking if we have it and when we say we don't, they would do a whole lot of commotion saying uhhh why don't you just close or uhhh its says here or there you guys have it. seriously!! again.. if we have it, why would we say we don't??? retail stores' main purpose is to sell goods and if we have it for sure we want to sell it. PLEASE!! I could go on with all the stupidity that's going on inside a retail store but i might just explode everything in here so i better stop and shut it. If you're reading this, please don't be these type of customers. In short, don't be stupid!!!!

Kraken was out.. time to go to my safe haven and relax myself.. again, another 6ish shift tomorrow.. i have to ready myself for another annoying day ahead.

=) deah


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