One-Stop Salon Day

I admit, today was one of those boring days. I didn't go to work because...

I ended up being all alone here at home. Due to my boredom, I was able to do some house chores.. oh better termed as, ROOM chores since I only vacuumed my room =p And since the weather was not that bad today, I decided to go get the much-needed sunlight from the outside world and raked our backyard. Finally, a tangible person/s showed up! My sis-in-law and grace came back from their job interview. Hoping for good results for them and for....

I didn't know that grace brought her creacut with her. We did some girly, salon-ish bonding, went on to cut my fringe and I can say that I am impressed on how easy it was to use that tool. After that we went on with doing our nails and grace did some cute nail art for me =)

pardon if its not that clean by the edges but I seriously love it! it was a combined design by the both of us though she actually did it. Oh and did I mention that after 20 years of not doing my toes, I finally decided to pamper them and give them a decent pedi *hurrah hurrah - screamed by my toes* 

We also stopped by mcdees and satisfied our midnight cravings. I decided to try their coffee frappe and I liked it. It was a bit creamier compared to the iced capp from tims. Not bad at all, but I don't think my tummy liked it. You know why... 

That would be it for me.. Today is my cousin's birthday by the way.. Love you always ate din! mwah!!

I am excited to see my lil erika and bff tomorrow! shopping day I guess! time to give my other blog a glimpse of how I do my shopping. Goodnight everyone and thanks for stopping by!

=) deah


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